A Message To Parents and Those Who Wish To Begin A Fate With Martial Arts


Learning martial arts is like fate. If you or your kids are interested in learning it, then you are starting a fate with the martial art. How long does this fate keep going? One part depends on the kid, but it also depends on the parents. In this modern world everyone’s concerned with how fast we can get stuff done, how we can make things work faster. It is important that parents teach their children to conquer all this stress and trouble, to make sure their kids are able to not jump around and learn to stay so can accomplish something in the martial art.


There are many examples that students give up half way through the program. It is really a pity. Learning martial arts is not going to be fast, easy, or simple. To be able to let your body build it up and to let the movement and technology be still, all this needs time to change. To give up halfway, the kids barely get a chance to feel success; all the hard work that kid put in doesn’t even have results. To quit halfway is letting the kid’s future be: learning everything before, but never be good at it, kids will just feel like they can be able to quit anything they want to.


Don’t say “it’s so easy that my kids learn martial arts and he is really great at it” or say “he learned if before but nothing too special.” Even if the student is doing well, but still not a very high level. If they are not good, isn’t it because you want to quit before the kids can grow? Learning martial arts is to let the body be strong and healthy. That is what most people think about, but that is only one simple result from it. Martial arts is also practicing thinking and mood. This is an important part of martial arts. Chinese martial arts is not like fast food, it is more like Chinese food. You need to spend a lot of time to cook it. When you spend a few hours to cook a soup for sure it will be much tastier, and much more savory, than to just put the flavor powder into the water.  Wushu is one type of kung fu, but what is kung fu? Kung fu is time. It doesn’t matter how much you understand Kung Fu, when you persist it will become a habit for the kids. They will not just gain a healthy body.


Lien-Shun Huang

To really learn kung fu you need to spend a lot of time studying and practicing it. Getting the experience from practice, without the time to shape yourself, will never bee real kung fu. The way to use the martial art is to root it; it’s also the part that keeps people interesting. This is the most valuable part, the part that we cannot throw away, and the part that we cannot ignore. Without this use, the martial arts don’t have any soul. In life’s journey, there are so many people to thank for helping me become who I am, with the heart to give feedback and thanks, to do their best to pass down the knowledge of traditional martial arts. To pass down traditions is a huge thing, to teach the students is a really big responsibility, but also it is a thing to make my heart happy and enjoy. Life is a big circle, a big tai chi, you need to learn to love other people, which means to love yourself, give more than you will get in return, and what you work on is what you will get.


1500 years ago Bodhidharma came to China and built the Shaolin temple. Monk Wise martial arts academy started in March 2010, restarting the kung fu legend, Monk Wise is the realest, most traditional martial arts center. Monk Wise is built by my two great students Adam and Wei Fo, who both have a great knowledge about martial arts and life. If you are looking for traditional martial arts and traditional Chinese culture, Monk Wise is the place for you to study.

By Lien-Shun Huang




學習武術是講究緣分的, 如果您的孩子或是您有讓孩子學習的想法, 這便是與武結緣的開始, 這種緣能持續多久, 一方面在於孩子, 更多的一面在於家長. 在這個繁華浮躁, 急功近利的時代, 首先您有沒有做到氣沉丹田, 克服困難和干擾, 堅定讓孩子能夠學習到哪怕是一點有所成的那一刻.

曾有過好多半途而廢的例子, 很讓人遺憾. 武術學習絕不會是這麼的快速, 簡單. 生理機能的提高和動作技能的形成鞏固 都需要時間的轉化. 半途而廢, 孩子的付出還沒有來得及體驗到成功的感覺, 孩子的努力還沒有得到結果. 半途而廢, 更是讓孩子的將來是: 什麼都學過, 什麼都不精, 感覺學什麼都可以中途放棄的.

別輕易說我家孩子學了武術已如何如何的好,或是輕易說我家孩子學了武術也沒怎麼的。即使學的尚且不錯,但也還沒有達到真正的不錯,如果學的不好,是不是因為您沒有耐心等待便要放棄了呢。 習武強健身體,這個是大家普遍的想法,然而強身健體只是武術的一個最簡的作用了,武術的練習更加煉的是人的思想、心境,而這正是武術一個重要的價值所在。中國武術,不是外國的快餐,它如中國的飲食,是慢慢精心烹調出來的,幾個鐘頭熬出來的湯,是不是要比一包湯料粉兌白開水的味道入口更醇厚、更回味無窮呢? 武術是功夫的一種,那功夫又是什麼呢? 功夫是時間…… 無論您對武術瞭解多少,當您的堅持成為孩子的一種習慣時,孩子的收穫遠不止一個強健的身體。



一千五百年前,達摩祖師東渡中國,創設了少林寺。 金剛般若武術學院2010年3月開始,共創少林傳奇,是全美最傳統.最正宗武術學院~ [禪武不二之大門].金剛般若武術學院是在我兩位得意入門弟子 亞當 和偉佛 所開的武館, 他們兩位都有非常好的武術基礎和武術思想,如果你想要尋找的是傳統武術, 傳統文化. 金剛般若武術學院將會是你想要學習的地方.