Lien-Shun Huang, Grand Master

Lien-Shun Huang, Grand Master

Lien-Shun Huang

Grand Master

President Jing Woo Physical Association


President Beijing Wushu Team

Grand Master Lien-Shun Huang has been involved with martial arts since age 10.  His family lineage begins with his Grandfather who was a famous Ronin in modern day Taiwan.  His contribution to martial arts is felt world wide.  He was responsible for the standardization of countless forms taught in studios all over the globe.  Highly decorated and respected in top martial arts society.  Huang is approached by top masters from different styles for his vast knowledge of Chinese Martial Arts.  He has written several papers on martial arts that are in the Taiwanese National Archive.  READ MORE:

Adam Woolsey

Head Master

President International Martial Arts Union, usa bRANCH

Vice President Jing Wu, Utah Branch

Head Maser Adam Woolsey has been involved with martial arts for over 20 years.  He has been involved with other organizations over the years and studied many different styles.  Settling on the Chinese Martial Arts he is grateful and humbled to have been able to train with, arguably, some of the best Masters in Chinese martial arts and call them Master.  READ MORE:


Wei Fo Jung, Master Instructor

Wei Fo Jung, Master Instructor

Wei Fo Jung

Master Instructor

President Jing Wu, Utah Branch

President International Sun Bin Organization

Maser Instructor Wei Fo Jung has been involved with Martial Arts most of his life.  His Grandfather was a General for the Chinese Army during the Cultural Revolution.  As a result all of the young boys in his line were instructed in Martial Arts at a young age.  READ MORE:  


Master Wu Nanfang of the Shaolin Wugulun tradition.


Woolsey and Jung with Wu Nanfang at small temple just outside wugulun

Woolsey and Jung with Wu Nanfang at small temple just outside wugulun

Chinese Dragon 龙  lóng Style

Master Su Tong Yu "King Of The Nine Section"



Our Hero Support Staff and 2015-2016 Instructors Training Program Members

Johnny Pak

Johnny Pak has been with Monk Wise since it's inception.  He is a member and Captain of the Monk Wise Wushu Team.  He has been awarded several medals at multiple national tournaments.  When asked about his feelings about Monk Wise and the martial arts he had this to say "I've been studying martial arts since I was 16 years old, and since then not once have I ever regretted the decision to do martial arts.  Compared to the other schools I visited and was involved with before Monk Wise I can say this school has all I could possibly want.  Here I find a unique social environment that I don't get anywhere else.  I look forward to carrying on the culture here at Monk Wise with as many people as possible."


"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader"

                                       -John Quincy Adams

Janet Hough

Janet began learning Tai Chi about 15 years ago through a community education class.  She continued attending that course while sampling other martial arts programs such as Moo Gong Do and Hung Gar Kung Fu.  After experiencing the amazing fluidity and internal focus of Chinese martial arts she looked for a local school and began her study at Monk Wise.  When Monk Wise began their comprehensive program in Tai Chi and Qi Gong, Janet was thrilled to continue studying her first love, Tai Chi, and hopes to introduce others to this beautiful art form.

-Janet currently teaches the morning Tai Chi Fundamentals class at our Holladay location.

Brittany Christensen

Forest Griffin

Forest Griffin has had an interest in the martial arts since childhood, at the age of 10 he started training at a Hapkido studio in California.  This is where he first developed his love for traditional martial arts training.  In 2012 Forest moved to Utah, where he found Monk Wise to be the best fit for a traditional martial arts studio. Forest has performed on the Monk Wise performance team, and feels that his training at Monk Wise has been, and continues to be a crucial part of his development as a person.

Ashley Christensen