The Venerable Shi De Yang, 31st Generation Monk of the Shaolin Tradition.                                              Mountains of Budapest, Hungary 2009

The Venerable Shi De Yang, 31st Generation Monk of the Shaolin Tradition.                                              Mountains of Budapest, Hungary 2009

We are NOT a club or a single discipline school.  We ARE Monk Wise!

Not Just Utah

精武Jing Wu (Chin Woo)  Physical Association is a pillar of Monk Wise Academy

An overview of the Jing Wu Physical Association

  • Includes beginning to high skills and knowledge.
  • First martial arts organization to publicly support women practicing.
  • Due to its long and rich heritage actors such as Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and many others have all been in movies about the Association.
  • Many different types of marital arts styles are housed and taught at Jing Wu.  In fact it was founded on the principle of passing on all the great styles and not just one, which could be limiting.
  • At it's inception it had the support of the Chinese government.
  • First to bring martial arts publicly to South Asia and around the world.

孫臏Sun Bin International is a pillar of Monk Wise Academy

An overview of sun bin international

  • A secret system in the Chinese martial arts.
  • It is a sharp, strange and unpredictable style.
  • Very few people have learned the whole system.
  • Not many people know about this style.
  • Each move is well planed and has great purpose.
  • There are only three forms in the system.
  • Has been battle tested in modern times during WWII, where it proved itself to be greatly superior and decisively effective.
  • This style requires one to have a master right next to them to truly know each move.  Would not be possible to learn from a DVD.
  • Sun Bin is a war art with it's only purpose being to fight and kill.

吳古輪International Wugulun Institute is a pillar of Monk Wise Academy

an overview of the international wugulun institute

  • Wugulun is a very ancient style.
  • Martial Monks did not know of this styles existence until they were considered Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually ready to begin.
  • Can be considered the equivalent of a Doctorate Degree within the Shaolin Temple.
  • Is was not just about fighting.
  • It talked about how one must first understand themselves before trying to use it.
  • It is a moving meditation as well.
  • It is not just a fighting program, it is also a health program.
  • Old traditional style of Kung Fu  

Our Mission Statement




We use authentic, first hand and from the source, training methods and materials to serve, educate, and train our students in correct and proper execution, understanding, and history of the most established and respected styles categorized as Chinese Martial Arts.  We will provide a broad, style unbiased, and uniformed methodology (curriculum) for the western student in authentic Chinese Martial Arts.

Our Motto

 “Today I Make My Body Strong, My Mind Wise, My Spirit Indomitable.”


We begin unrefined, as raw timber.
We train our body, to begin the process of change.  As we do this we become physically stronger and more capable.  What lies beneath the raw timber begins to take shape.
We exercise the mind, to prepare and lead us as we transform anew.  What emerges is a strong and vibrant staff.  A weapon, a tool, a support which we can use in difficult times.  As a Strong Body and Wise Mind integrate, the staff we have honed continues to be refined until one day the tip of the spear emerges, making the Spirit indomitable.
Monk Wise Academy 2014

Monk Wise Martial Arts Academy was founded May, 2010.  We have established ourselves as the premier studio in Salt Lake City, Utah to offer authentic Chinese Martial Arts from masters who have trained first hand with some of the most respected and well known masters in China today.  We teach a vast array of Chinese Martial Arts Styles.  We have classes for adults and children in either a group or private instruction.  We also cater to organizations and/or groups as well as families.

It’s easiest to say we teach Gong Fu (Kung Fu) and Taiji Quan (Tai Chi) as well as many Weapon Styles.


However our curriculum is a balance of both internal and external martial arts.  Common Styles covered at Monk Wise Academy are Shaolin Kung Fu, Chen Tai Chi, Northern and Southern styles, Dragon, Monkey, Qigong, Wing Chun (Yong Chun) Snake, Tiger, Hung Gar, Drunken, Yang Tai Chi, Leopard, Xingyi, Piguaquan, Praying Mantis, Eagle, Crane, Bagua, as well as individual weapon types.

Students range from 3 to 87 years of age, with equal mixes of youth, adults, men and women. We offer both group and private lessons. We have classes in self defense, fitness, flexibility, stress management, weight management and Chi or energy development. We have taught professional athletes, blind students, individuals in wheel chairs, overweight, underweight, attention deficient disorders, and developmentally delayed individuals. Each has grown due to their involvement with our programs

We do not require contracts.

Individuals are welcome to drop in, but setting up an appointment is suggested so that we can take more personal time with you.

You may call or text 1-385-743-9473 anytime to request additional information.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day and Be Wise!