Try Meditation, It Just May Be What You're Looking For

Meditation is making the rounds again.

It's been around for 1000's of years and is once again making it's way to mainstream society.  Below is an article, by Lien-Shun Huang of the Taiwan Jingwu Physical Association, explaining.

Article by Huan LIen-Shun:

Do you know what is now the most sought after fitness way is it? YOGA, jogging, Latin dance, aerobics or kick-boxing ? NO, is meditation ! Yes, that is to sit cross-legged or legs fall naturally sitting in a chair. This is a " sit- hot" has swept the United States, Britain and other countries and regions, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore , NBA Lakers coach Jackson are all sit- lovers .

Although your card until it expires fitness is difficult to spend so many times , but you have been convinced that life is movement , of course, nothing wrong words , and quite correct.However , in addition to sweating , rapid heartbeat can improve bodily functions outside , sit down quietly and sometimes also a very beneficial health movement.
In the United States , meditation has become a very fashion lifestyle , whether government agencies, companies , or schools, airports and prisons , have opened a " meditation room ."It is said that some schools because of the promotion , school violence meditation significantly reduced. Hospitals also began offering meditation courses to help patients relieve pain.

In the UK, sit charm so many people can not refuse , we have opened up a whole world at home , meditation time every day. They believe that meditation movement while exercising , but also let their attention more focused , more peaceful mind .

Sit- bar, access to health in silence .

We are working hard in the workplace Du Lala , as on foot daily alarm strings , one after another meeting , a letter and an e-mail , one after another the PPT exhausted. Back pain, anxiety , dull , and with re- thick foundation also cover any dark circles ...... inevitably become our close ally . Through meditation not only can improve the immune system , relieve anxiety , but also to achieve the goal of thin skin . If you do not have time in the gym every day taking a dip in one hour , then at least draw 10 to 20 minutes, practicing meditation now !

1 , relieve stress , increase happiness

Professor of medicine at Harvard University , said the study meditation can reduce muscle tension , reduce the amount of serum lactate . Tests show that daily meditation practice 20 minutes a week later , focus and control have been improved mood , anxiety , depression , anger and other negative emotions are substantially reduced. Moreover , meditation training can also thinning the blood circulation through the brain , so the brain response from the " fight or flight " to " accept the reality " , thus enhancing a person's happiness.

2 , protect the liver

After lunch, you will choose a nap , take a walk or go out immediately ? In fact , it is best to sit peacefully and a half hour or so, and then do something else , which is necessary for the maintenance of the liver . People in after dinner , participate in the blood are concentrated to digest food in the digestive tract , when lying down to standing by the body , into the liver blood flow will be reduced by 30% , if we move up into the liver 's blood continued to decline . If insufficient blood supply to the liver in the case among its normal metabolic activity will be affected. So, after dinner to sit quietly , eyes closed for 10 to 30 minutes more than the blood flow to the liver as possible , the supply of oxygen and nutrients in liver cells .

3 , precipitation of appetite , weight control

Fast-paced urban life , making us not hurry , usually working lunch also and fight like a quick fix , and once had time to rest , and easy to eat too much , resulting in fat will occur . In fact , the behavior of overeating is caused by stress , when you desperately need to release stress through food , may wish to "sit " down to relieve stress , relax and let the " bites " the idea of ettling down after eating, so help at slow down the speed of eating , tasting the food in slowly , will gradually reduce food intake , easily farewell " bucket waist ."

4 , lower blood pressure , cardiovascular disease away

The United States has been on a number of sit- interference in patients with hypertension therapy and found that meditation training so that the patient's systolic and diastolic blood pressure decreased by 4.7 mm / Hg and 3.2 mm / Hg. Visible meditation is very effective for lowering blood pressure , which can greatly reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases , and will not produce side effects of drugs .

5 , relieve pain, painkillers farewell

Friends visited a few days, unbearable pain too often accompanies , painkillers become an indispensable lifeline , though you also worried about the side effects of the problem. Then try a sit-in , is very effective for pain relief . The study found that meditation does not change although the degree of pain , but the pain can be reduced because of the emotional response generated . Because practicing meditation can train the brain to focus current situation , so it takes less time to predict future adverse events.

Office midday sit- 7 steps

Some people say "sit , like gasoline, is a source of energy ," eight hours a day working in the unit , lunch break is critical , it may pull out 10 minutes a day to sit quietly , maybe you will have unexpected gains .

1 Adjust the seat to the proper height , wore hip back

2 feet reach slightly over the knee

3 palm up , on the thigh

4 head naturally upright , avoid stiff

5 Relax your shoulders , do not shrug drooping

6 Close your eyes and spit aggregate , together lips, tongue touching the palate

7 Slowly inhale , exhale , keep breathing slender far-reaching

1 meditating longer the better?

When just beginning to practice meditation , every 15 minutes to half an hour is appropriate , and gradually increased to 1 hour .

2 If chores too , can not get down to how to do?

You can try accompanied by some soothing music, or is designed to guide the practice of meditation music , but to concentrate on the breathing above .