Moon Festival, 2014

We are very excited for this years Moon Festival. The Moon Festival is a wonderful celebration. All are invited.


10:00 to 11:50 First International Wushu South Fist
12:00 to 12:30 Tea ceremony 
12:35 to 1:20 Lunch
1:25 to 1:40 Moon Festival Puzzle Game


$57 for the first family member or person in group
$32 all additional attendees 

(This is a great event for friends and family. Invite them to come out and see what you do, even try a little, and have an amazing and tasty feast.)

Come celebrate the Chinese Moon Festival with Monk Wise. The Moon Festival has many reasons to be. In ancient times it was to celebrate the abundance of food from the fall harvest. There was also a general who had the idea of making a making a cake, shaped like the moon, for his soldiers since the moon was large and mighty. In the Ming dynasty secret messages were hidden in moon cakes to coordinate attacks and to plan secret meetings to overthrow the government.

In Mongolia there is also a similar festival. They will ride their horses heading west and do so until the sun comes up. It Tibet the children will chase the moon in the river. It is also celebrated in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Monk Wise will celebrate the Moon Festival by eating delicious food, visiting with classmates and friends, games, cultural exchange, and of course some martial arts, this year will be Southern Style.