Monk Wise Kung Fu School USA

Our commitment to you at Monk Wise is excellence and balance in all things at an affordable price. We offer the most competitive membership value in Utah.  We offer classes 6 days a week, we carry no contracts, and we have no attendance restrictions.  Our programs can be tailored to your specific needs and interests.  We cater specifically to Adults, Children, Teens, and Families.  We invite you to come and see how the Chinese Martial Arts were always meant to be.  



功夫   Kung fu

功夫 Kung fu

太極   Tai Chi

太極 Tai Chi

少兒武術   Youth

少兒武術 Youth

氣功   Qigong

氣功 Qigong

兵器   Weapons

兵器 Weapons

體能課程   Functional Fitness

體能課程 Functional Fitness

禪坐   Meditation

禪坐 Meditation

散打   Sanda

散打 Sanda

文化   Culture

文化 Culture


Welcome to Monk Wise, by Grand Master Lien-Shun Huang

Learning martial arts is like fate. If you or your kids are interested in learning it, then you are starting a fate with the martial art. How long does this fate keep going? One part depends on the kid, but it also depends on the parents. In this modern world everyone’s concerned with how fast we can get stuff done, how we can make things work faster. It is important that parents teach their children to conquer all this stress and trouble, to make sure their kids are able to not jump around and learn to stay so can accomplish something in the martial art...................1500 years ago Bodhidharma came to China and built the Shaolin temple. Monk Wise martial arts academy started in March 2010, restarting the kung fu legend, Monk Wise is the realest, most traditional martial arts center. Monk Wise is built by my two great students Adam and Wei Fo, who both have a great knowledge about martial arts and life. If you are looking for traditional martial arts and traditional Chinese culture, Monk Wise is the place for you to study.  READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE: