Grand Master Huang Lien-Shun visits U.S.

Grand Master Huang Lien-Shun visits U.S.

He will be teaching many seminars and clinics too.

Grand Master Huang Lien-Shun will be attending this years Chinese New Years Celebration hosted by Monk Wise Academy.  As a special treat he will be conducting many different Seminars and Clinics covering a very broad scope of Chinese Martial Arts.  Here is the current schedule:

February 2nd & 9th,    Master Chen Pan Ling Seminar                       8-9PM                  $80
                              Tai Chi, Bagua, XingYi Quan
February 3rd,   Chin Woo Tan Tui Seminar                                        8-9PM                  $40
                     Jing Wu Tan Tui explained, use, history, applications
February 4th,   Taoism Internal Healing Path                                    8-9P                    $40
                     Taoist Qi Gong and meditation techniques
February 6th,    Chinese New Year Celebration                                 10-11:30AM        FREE

February 6th,    Youth Kung Fu Review                                             12-1:30PM           $45

February 10th,   Life Of The Prairie                                                  8-9PM                 $40
                       Mongolian Wrestling, ground work
February 11th,   Peaceful Life Spirit Of Buddhism                              8-9PM                 $40
                      Buddhist Qi Gong and meditation techniques
February 12th,   Way Of The Nobel Weapon Clinic                             6-7:30PM             $90
                      Straight Sword explained, use, history, applications
*45 min. Private Lesson with Grand Master Huang                              T.B.D.                $125
       (students will be grouped in 4’s)

ALL of the Above for only $399

There will be a sign up sheet available in the studio.  You may also register the day of the event.  We hope to see you all there!

Any Questions email Shifu Woolsey: