Qi gong is an exercise that uses breath, body movement and mental ability to adjust the body and mind. The main purpose is to let the body get strong, the mind to be health and clear, to not get sick all the time, and develop your potential.

There are many different types of the qi gong, but we can basically divide it into two ways to practice.  One is moving, the other is still. Moving qi gong uses the body to lead the energy around the body. Static qi gong means the body doesn't move, only use your mind, conscious or awareness to control the energy movement. Most of the qi gong practice has moving and still parts. In Taoism, monks will practice the dǎo yǐn 、nà dān shù ( 導引、內丹術 )which also means qi gong. In Buddhism’s zen and meditation are also types of qi gong. Qi gong usually will be practiced together with martial arts and meditation.