Monk Wise Performance Team Wins 7 Medals!

2 students, 7 medals @Golden State Wushu Championship 2014. AWESOME!!

Student Johnny Pak wins 4 medals.

Wushu staff, 1st place
Tai Chi 24, 3rd place
North traditional empty hand , 2nd place.
North traditional long weapon, 3rd place


Student Emilie Kobler wins 3 medals.

North traditional empty hand, 1st place
North traditional long weapon, 1st place
North traditional short weapon, 1st place

Monk Wise Wushu Team Wins 5 Medals at UC Berkley

Sweeten, Kobler,  and the Rogers sisters pre competition.

Sweeten, Kobler,  and the Rogers sisters pre competition.

The Monk Wise Wushu Team Won 5 Medals this Friday at the 2014 CMAT National Tournament.

 Erik Seymour received 1 Gold Medal for Taijiquan and 1 Silver for.  

Emile Kobler received Silver for Traditional Straight Sword.  

Ryan Sweeten received Gold in Taijiquan and Bronze in Monkey.  

We want to congratulate the team on not only attending their first tournament but on bringing home 5 Medals.  How awesome.  Congratulations!!!