"Walk The Circle"

To all students enrolled in our Internal School of Martial Arts, if you are not yet familiar with Bagua you will be soon.  Bagua qigong as well as old 8 palm are taught before black sash.  After beginning black there is much much more to learn.  Bagua spear and double straight sword to name a few.  

A student brought this song to my attention and I love it!!  Get out there and practice every day.  Why walk the line when you can walk the circle.  ;)

Provided to YouTube by TuneCore Walk the Circle · Bagua Joe Energy B4 Mathematics ℗ 2014 Dadojo Media Group Released on: 2013-12-16 Auto-generated by YouTube.

Press Release


Press Release:  New Book Being Published – “Modern Masters of the Martial Arts”

The martial arts have continued to increase in popularity over the last decade due to things like MMA – Mixed Martial Arts and the U.F.C. – The Ultimate Fighting Championship.  Although the public’s perception of the martial arts is slightly changing to the perception that the martial arts are a sport, there are millions of people who look at the martial arts as a way of life!  With thousands of martial arts styles in existence, David Nemeroff – Soke Dai has lifted the veil and helped those that are curious about what makes one martial art style different from another?

In this book author David Nemeroff along with over 50 modern martial art masters share with you what makes their style, philosophy and history so unique. This amazing book is a photographic showcase of over 50 different styles from around the world and the modern masters that teach them. Modern Masters Of The Martial Arts adorns the pages with each instructor sharing their expert insights on their particular martial arts system plus a personal quote from each of them.

Inside, David Nemeroff has presented a compilation of modern legends for you in one volume to show you first hand who is in the forefront of the martial arts community.  This book is both an informative martial arts encyclopedia and a beautiful collection of photographic artwork. 

Adam Woolsey and Wei Fo Jung- Founding Masters of Monk Wise Martial Arts Academy (located in Saltl Lake City, Utah) are both receiving this high accolade of being featured as one of 50 instructors chosen for this book and are honored to be known as two of the modern-day masters of the martial arts.  For more information on the work of Monk Wise Martial Arts Academy you may call 801-833-2727, email MonkWise@MonkWise.com, or visit their website at www.MonkWise.com.  Thank you.

2016 - Summer Retreat - Rock The Vote

2016 Summer Retreat

This year we are leaving the main form, style, weapon, etc.  UP TO YOU!!

That's right we want you to vote on this years main theme.

"Oh that's nice"  Brent Hall       When asked about the Wujidao (2015 Summer Retreat weapon)

"Oh that's nice"  Brent Hall       When asked about the Wujidao (2015 Summer Retreat weapon)


This years summer retreat is just around the corner.

It will be July 29-30 in Rock Creek Canyon (Provo Canyon)

Get your votes in NOW!

*Votes will ONLY count when posted below on this page.   

Grand Master Huang Lien-Shun visits U.S.

Grand Master Huang Lien-Shun visits U.S.

He will be teaching many seminars and clinics too.

Grand Master Huang Lien-Shun will be attending this years Chinese New Years Celebration hosted by Monk Wise Academy.  As a special treat he will be conducting many different Seminars and Clinics covering a very broad scope of Chinese Martial Arts.  Here is the current schedule:

February 2nd & 9th,    Master Chen Pan Ling Seminar                       8-9PM                  $80
                              Tai Chi, Bagua, XingYi Quan
February 3rd,   Chin Woo Tan Tui Seminar                                        8-9PM                  $40
                     Jing Wu Tan Tui explained, use, history, applications
February 4th,   Taoism Internal Healing Path                                    8-9P                    $40
                     Taoist Qi Gong and meditation techniques
February 6th,    Chinese New Year Celebration                                 10-11:30AM        FREE

February 6th,    Youth Kung Fu Review                                             12-1:30PM           $45

February 10th,   Life Of The Prairie                                                  8-9PM                 $40
                       Mongolian Wrestling, ground work
February 11th,   Peaceful Life Spirit Of Buddhism                              8-9PM                 $40
                      Buddhist Qi Gong and meditation techniques
February 12th,   Way Of The Nobel Weapon Clinic                             6-7:30PM             $90
                      Straight Sword explained, use, history, applications
*45 min. Private Lesson with Grand Master Huang                              T.B.D.                $125
       (students will be grouped in 4’s)

ALL of the Above for only $399

There will be a sign up sheet available in the studio.  You may also register the day of the event.  We hope to see you all there!

Any Questions email Shifu Woolsey: Sifu.Woolsey@gmail.com