Warrior Ways Intensive Seminar

Warrior Ways Intensive Seminar

Monk Wise Martial Arts Academy 

Is proud to host a Warrior Ways Intensive Seminar this July. 

The Warrior Ways training program is developed by Dedeuc D'Antonoli, Kaiso founder of the Bushin Ryu Aiki Bujutsu martial system.

There will be a special 3 - part focus. The 3 areas of concentration will be tanto-jutsu or knife fighting, ne-waza or ground fighting, and Aiki (the internal principles of martial arts application).

Students will work on developing an understanding of principles and strategies in these three key areas. Because of the nature of this event this intensive will have a tight focus on systematically developing the attendee’s martial skills. 

We will use slow / medium speed flow drills, exercises unique to Bushin Ryu practice.

We will practice physical techniques of knife as well as ground work. An emphasis will be placed on applying “aiki” principles in the empty hand technique to make the practitioner more efficient and effective.

Whether a student is attending their first Warrior Ways Intensive or has attended many times in the past, it is our experience that he or she will make a substantive jump in level after this seminar. A testament to this fact is that the vast majority of students have come back repeatedly to participate again and again. Students routinely travel from all over for this training.

This training places equal emphasis on the technical and psychological aspects of Bushin Ryu and we feel that it is a paradigm shifting experience for the attendees, especially for those who have not attended before.

Full Access: $125
Limited to 20 Participants (Almost FULL, Register SOON!)