“天下武功出少林” “All the martial arts come from the Shaolin.” That is one of the old sayings in Chinese martial arts. You might think this saying is a little too unreal, but the truth is that the Shaolin kung fu has very extensive content.

Since there are so many different types of the shaolin kung fu,  there are a lot of people that wonder which one we should practice, which one is the one most powerful to fight with, or even which one is top-secret for the monks only to practice.

If you have any of those questions then let me tell you, one of the top-secret arts in the shaolin temple is called xin yi ba (another name is wu gu lun).  According to the shaolin temple, only a few of the warrior monks are able to practice xin yi ba. It is like a doctorate degree in the shaolin temple.

What does xin yi ba mean? Xin yi means you need to be able to control your own mind and at the same time understand other people’s mind. What does ba mean?  In the Chinese language you can understand ba is the way to move your body. In another old Chinese saying "寧教十拳不教一把" which means "rather teach ten form but not one ba." You can understand how special and different ba is. According from the history of the shaolin temple tai chi quan, this is because the finders have learned half of the ba, and they came up with the tai chi system.

Why is xin yi ba one of the top styles in the shaolin temple, and why is it like a doctorate degree in the temple? It is because when you practice xi yi ba you must understand martial arts, meditation, and Chinese medicine. It is not just practicing how to fight. This is an art that was created to help people and to save people first and second it is to fight and protect. You can taste 1500 years of shaolin culture in the xin yi ba system.

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